Remote Desktop: internal error occurred, try this if other tricks not work

Created:22-04-17 20:31

Remote Desktop internal error has occurred

Try these tricks if other solutions did not fix your problem.

Remote Desktop internal error has occurred

If you could not connect to your server using RDP, and you have searched so many posts and finally are seeing this page, I think I can share my experience with you.

I have some sites on Internet, and I was too confident, and I didn't use a firewall white-listed certain IPs that only I would use to RDP from.

Nothing happened for months, but one day, suddenly I couldn't RDP to it.

I changed computers, I changed ISPs, I forced several remote reboots using the cloud control, but these tricks just couldn't fix it.

I had a gut feeling my server was being attacked, and with that feeling, I edited the Cloud firewall, and white-listed immediately that only my PC's IP could connect to it.

After the rule took effect, the problem was fixed.

To prove my gut feeling, I reviewed the events logged in System Events, I saw thousands of records been logged about attempts from different IPs try to log in via network.

The server was so busy responding to these login attempts, or the server has triggered that it had to protect those attempts by saying "Internal Error" to refuse the busy attempts, whether it's from attackers, or it's from me, the real owner of it.

Try it!

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